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About Alicia Jonas 

Alicia Jonas is an experienced music educator, pianist, and composer. She is a graduate of the Warsaw Conservatory of Music and was trained at The Juilliard School and Mannes School of Music in New York City. At Julliard, she studied with Dr. Johnathan Dawe. At Mannes, she studied vocal composition with Leon Edward. She also studied with Dr. Andrew Thomas. Alicia Jonas has lectured, performed, and published internationally. In addition, she has participated as a judge in various auditions and contests. Ms. Jonas actively contributes to EPTA Piano Journal and has been recognized for her innovative training method by many distinguished musicians from respected institutions. She is also a certified Steinway Educational Partner.

Alicia is over 8 years acting as Chairperson for the New York State Music Teachers, Inc; more than 2 decades acting as Chairperson for Piano Congress, 20th Century and Beyond; over 10 years arranging piano music for Warner Brothers; author of multiple acclaimed musical teaching books; founder of the "Con Moto" Music School and Studios in Brooklyn and New York; lectured internationally in various musical subjects. Alicia has also written "Life At The Zoo for Four Hands" and "Piano Magic," published in Japan. She has also published many bestsellers, such as Children Studying Music.

Alicia has been commissioned to compose piano music for four hands from the Piano Duet Class at the Juilliard School of Music. She is the recipient of multiple Quality Performance Awards for Superior Teaching by the Queens College Cultural Heritage Competitions. Students of Alicia Jonas have achieved many accomplishments, such as performing at Carnegie Hall and other well-known venues in New York City and receiving scholarships to well-renowned music schools such as New York University and the University of Chicago School of Music.

Alicia's patented invention Alicia's Music Blocks are an innovative tool that facilitates the teaching and learning of music theory, composition, and rhythm – and Alicia's book Musical Towers is a new approach to learning musical values and gives students a more thorough understanding while building a solid musical foundation.

Accomplishments and Past Events

Present Senior Vice President of Brooklyn Music Teachers Guild 

The Prestige Music Award

Patent No. US 7,956,271 B1 for Alicia's Music Blocks

Applying for 2nd Patent 

Closer to Chopin in the etudy C#m op 27 No. 7 figured the Polish Christmas Carol melody on top of the voice of the treble clef

Rafal Lewandowski Dissertation on my Piano Minaturach in 2017

Lewandawski and Alexander Peskanov performed the Paraphrase of Albinoni for 4 Hands at the Kosciuszko Org. 

Lewandoski performed my music at New York Barge Hall, Steinway Hall, Carnegie Hall, Leschetizky Org., and at the Polish Consulate 

Music Performed in Gdansk Gdynia, Poland 

Music performed by musicians from Gdansk at Julliard School of Music

Created Musical arrangements for piano for Warner Bros. 

Review in The New Yorker Magazine in 2014 for Paraphrase of Albinoni


“30 Solo Pieces for Piano, by Alicia Jonas, includes the pieces the composer made up during her students' lessons. She created stories taken from children's imaginations to illustrate the music, which inspired the students to make up their own stories.” 

Clavier Magazine for Piano Magic - January 2005


“Alicia Jonas' Children Studying Music is unique and full of answers to questions often posed by parents who are interested in having their children study piano. The book is factual and well documented, and could be a useful tool for parents.”

 Gideon Waldrop,  President of the Manhattan School of Music

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