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Whether you are a teacher, student, or music professional 

this is an innovative way of teaching and learning rhythm.

The blocks help students to understand and conceptualize rhythmic musical patterns. They also encourage students to read music by basic, quick to recognize groupings. The blocks can be integrated into the study of actual pieces or simply creating one's music. Many of the students who use these blocks have been able to pass the music theory sections, like the ABRSM exam. 

Please contact us if you are interested. It is also available on Facebook Marketplace

35 Blocks


Non-toxic Paint

New Zealand Pine


"I handed out the blocks to smaller groups of kids and gave them some parameters and let them make their own rhythms. The kids LOVED them. Several asked me where they could get them" 

- Brenda, Indiana University

"The Math Department and I have been teaching rhythms and fractions for a few years... the blocks helped the students take something abstract, namely fractions and subdivisions of notes, and make it more concrete. The design is not only functional but also inviting, especially to younger students. My boys love working with these blocks!"

-Michelle, The Allen- Stevenson School

Alicia's Music Blocks

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