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Children Studying Music

Children Studying Music is a book written by Alicia Jonas to guide parents begin a child’s journey to study music. One of the most worthy contributions is acknowledging that children need to progress in learning in hand positions, an area where most children are not adept at initially. Ms. Jonas teaches this way because regimes on hand positions are not suitable for a child to learn right away as it can take away the joy of learning music. Instead, as a student gets more advanced, she pays a lot of attention to making a good hand position as it is an essential part of piano learning. Her methods are shown in Piano Magic by Alicia Jonas, published by Zen-on Music Co. in Japan. 

“Alicia  Jonas’ Children Studying Music is a unique and full of answers to questions often posed by parents who are interested in having their children study piano. The book is factual and well documented, and could be a useful tool for parents” 

Gideon Waldrop 


Manhattan School of Music

" These Highly imaginative and colorful pieces by Alicia Jonas have proven to be very successful with my students. They discover the entire range of the keyboard, may techniques for playing the notes, musicality and interesting dynamics. My students anticipate each new piece with much excitement. "

Linda Sterk

Piano Teacher Congress of NYC

“Jonas discusses the benefits to be gained from piano study, the age to begin lessons, the place

of recitals in development and the importance of scales and theory. She has produced a pertinent and helpful guide that senses the needs of both beleaguered student and concerned parent.”

Jerry Ben-Asher

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